4 Tips to Get Jobs Easily in Dubai

Dubai is famous for tourism and business but another reason of going to Dubai is job hunting. You might have observed that many people have tried for jobs in Dubai or they have made a plan to visit Dubai for job hunting. People who visit Dubai often don’t get their job or sometimes they get a job but at a low salary. After unsuccessful attempts of jobs hunting, they said that Dubai is facing recession but truth is they Dubai generates thousands of vacancies on a daily basis.

If people apply for jobs in the correct way with some special job hunting techniques then they will find their dream jobs. After doing research on best websites for jobs in Dubai I find out 4 tested tips that can land you on jobs easily.

Research on Market:

UAE market is becoming saturated in jobs. If you are looking for jobs in Dubai then do proper research. The majority of good companies in UAE gives preference in the following order.

  1. Local Candidates
  2. European Candidates
  3. Western Candidates
  4. Asian Candidates
  5. Other

If you have good skills with experience in the good firm then chances are high. Asian candidates are coming to uae for job hunting and now the supply of Asian candidates is high while demand is low. Bargaining power of employer is high. When you plan for job hunting in Dubai start applying 3 -4 weeks before coming to Dubai. Most of the companies have screening period of a 2-3 week. If you will apply after coming to UAE you will lose 20-25 days of your visa. Do homework on Market before job hunting in Dubai.

Learn the method of applying:

Dubai jobs are very easy if you know the method of applying for jobs. I have seen that many job hunters apply with one CV on different jobs Prepare focused CV, cover letter and for every time before sending a review your CV. Never send your CV without a cover letter. Important skills should be highlighted on cv. Visa status and expiry date of visa should be mentioned. Use your references to secure job and don’t forget to apply for all jobs that are related to your field.

Use Social Media Tools:

No one can deny the power of social Media. Make a professional profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. Become member of recruitment group as well as professional groups. Participate actively. Nowadays recruiters have a habit of hiring through LinkedIn and other social media profile. Use professional keyword while making a profile on social media it will keep you on the top for recruiters. Remove bad footprint of yourself on google and social media.

Complete Profiles on Jobs Website:

I have observed that many Dubai Jobs websites have a form that looks irritating to fill but recruiters find CV and candidates by selecting certain criteria your chance of being selected can only be increased if you have already filled the form with complete details tested tip is never to ignore any single field. Once you filled your genuine details on this profile your chances of jobs are increased

Above tested tips can help you to secure good jobs in Dubai. Never ignore these tips. We wish you best of luck for your future.

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