How We Work?

As comprehensive program dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families, AL QALAM EDUCATION SERVICES provides a variety of resources and services.  As a collaboration of talented people/institutes and centers, AL QALAM EDUCATION SERVICES is able to offer services that respond to the unique needs of different communities.

Family and Community Resource Center:

We have a variety of resources available to families, caregivers, teachers, and interested community members on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as well as other developmental concerns.  Resources range from informational brochures, books, videos, tip sheets, and visual aids in addition to developmentally appropriate and interactive games and toys. Trained staff is available to assist families in helping / finding the resources that will be most helpful to you, and can provide assistance in developing tools designed to meet their needs.

Social Skills Groups:

Children with ASD often face challenges in everyday interactions with others. Social skills groups help children learn the social rules we typically take for granted, and develop a greater level of comfort in communicating with others. Groups vary in length, and are typically age- and gender-specific. (Work in Progress)

Family Services:

Even though only one child in a family may be diagnosed with ASD, the entire family is affected. We help you find Trained professionals those can provide family treatment, consultation, and specialized resources and supports to address their concerns.

Support Groups:

Parents and siblings can often benefit from the reassurance of knowing that others are facing many of the same challenges; hearing of others’ approaches and successes often provides new ideas to consider. We help create Parent Support Groups and Sibling Support Groups throughout the year, and are aware of different support groups operating in service area. In addition, we can offer an educational training workshop for parents whose children have been newly diagnosed with an ASD.  A list of support groups and a calendar of events which includes support group meetings also available. (Work in Progress)

Specialized Consultation:

Sometimes you have a specific issue or concern and want professional advice – this is when you can benefit from the opportunity to consult with an experienced professional.  AQES may provide on request advice, recommendations, and referrals to specialists and other agencies as appropriate.  This service is available to parents and caregivers, educators, health care, child care and other service providers.

Training Programs:

AQES offers a number of Educational training programs the year. Programs are available for parents and caregivers, educators, professionals, First Responders, day care providers, and others who work with individuals with ASD.  In addition, AQES facilitates to hold Autism Awareness workshops and events throughout the year (and especially during Autism Awareness Month in April) for community groups and the general public.  In many cases, trainings and workshops can be customized for the audience or to fit within a specific timeframe.  To request a training or awareness workshop, please contact AQES or complete our contact form.

Telehealth Presentations:

AQES sponsors an ongoing series of short lectures and workshops on ASD-related issues for community professionals. Presenters are experts in their fields, with topics ranging from Differential Diagnosis, Genetic Testing, Clinic/School Teamwork, and others. Contact AQES to discuss the availability of these programs in your community. (Work in Progress).
Services available vary, and are based on community needs. Contact directly for a listing of services we provide.

Our Referral System

Every year, Alqalam parents, and many others associated with our organization communities, refer friends and associates to our organization.
We thought it was about time we thanked those people who play such an important role in promoting Alqalam Education Services FZ LLC.
We came up with the idea of the Alqalam “Refer a friend” programe.
Simply, it recognizes and rewards those people who help us to meet with people and families to our company(organization), something that many in our community have been doing for a while. Naturally it is a voluntary initiative but there is a question that how does it work?
  • You receive a reward for every new student who is successfully been helped in his/her struggle by enrolling in Alqalam Education Services on your recommendation. It is simple as that whether you are an Alqalam parent or teacher who knows children or young people who need our help, the reward is same.
  • Once an enrollment/registration is confirmed you can choose one of the following rewards.
    • Receive 1000 AED in cash
    • Donate 1000 AED to Dar-al-bar society
    • Propose 1000 AED discount to your reference total fees.

**Terms and conditions apply.